Contact me if you plan to buy a plot and build your dream home, if you have an old property you wish to renovate, or if you need an extension to your existing property.

My clients are typically individuals’ wanting/ having a second home and needing a trusted partner for all the legal and logistic matters. My clients expect a relaxed and hassle-free service, and at the same time wishes advise on all topics, including how to make the property personal and unique.

I understand the mindset around investing in a foreign country and I am familiar with all the different challenges and works that such project entails.

My first-hand experience with our own 4 villas is a guarantee that your dream and aspiration is possible and will be executed within time and budget.

“ Pleasure in the work, perfection in the result”


  • Suggestion on location
  • Comparison ownership private vs. Croatian company
  • Research market and finding plot/ property
  • Checking legal status of plot/ property
  • Advice client on possibilities and timeframe
  • Negotiation on clients’ behalf
  • Entry in land registry
  • Selection of architect/ geodet and inspector
  • Work with architect on space planning
  • Have material and work list made
  • Check, submit and receive permission to build
  • Analyzing offers from building companies
  • Negotiation and selection of builder
  • Coordination of inspector and builder
  • Control and supervision of builder
  • Contracts for water and electricity etc.
  • Negotiation and selection of landscaping company
  • Control and supervision of landscaping company
  • Obtain usage permission
  • Obtain rental permission
  • Control of cost


In Istria, it is possible to finish a beautiful key-ready family villa for less than 385.000 EUR. Beside knowing when and what to negotiate, there are ways to reduce overall cost, and if planning early and correctly, your savings will be higher than my fee.


Should you at a later stage consider rent out your property, in the right location, having the right “frame” for letting, the net return will be above 5% of the total investment.