Once you discover Istria, it will stay in your heart forever. It brings me back to my childhood days as I have spent most of my summers here and still today I’m amazed how beautiful, peaceful and inviting it is.

It is a unique place that surprises you with its preserved history, rich culture, stunning landscape and untouched nature. In many places it fells likes like returning in time, it feels like the past has married the future, and it fells like wanting you to never leave.

During my years of living abroad and being trapped in a hectic, stressful daily routine, my family decided to pursue the dream of having our own place in Istria where we could stay during short moments of escape.

In a small village of Istria, I found and renovated an old stone house. Energy, time and effort were invested to bring my vision into reality and make our retreat special and unique.

The combination of my love for Istria, passion for properties, architecture, interior design and gained experiences with our own properties, resulted in launching the BJ Concept.

“ The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose is to give it to others “